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Dubbed a "modern day Bob Dylan," Long Haul Paul was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana. His father was the CEO of the twelfth largest meat packing company in the United States. While working summers in the family business as a "pump boy," fueling, washing, and parking trucks for the company fleet, Paul, "just kinda fell in love with trucks." Much to his parents disappointment, he dropped out of college, eventually choosing the life of a long haul trucker.

      Late in his life, during a recording pilgrimage to FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, which was sponsored by his daughter Audrey, Long Haul Paul met session legend and producer Travis Wammack, who would come to dub the gear jammer "a modern day Bob Dylan." A collaboration ensued, which would yield a record deal for the grizzled 57 year old with the truck stop label Laughing Hyena Records.

     Long Haul Paul's album, Bessemer to Birmingham has been distributed nationwide in chain truck stops. Several of his songs have been featured on The All Nighter Show with Marcia Campbell, 650 WSM, Nashville, Tennessee.

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